How To Use Your Car Insurance For Your Windshield Repair

Getting your windshield repaired or replaced can be quiet expensive. However, if you just follow these tips, you’ll be able to use your car insurance for your auto glass replacement and you’ll never have to worry about spending extra money for your windshield. All you need to do is to look for a reputable company who can repair or repair your windshield.


Comprehensive coverage

If your windshield had been damaged not because of natural calamities or collision, you are most likely to pay for the comprehensive coverage. This is optional though, but if you don’t have it, chances are you’ll be the one who’ll pay for the repair after all.

The comprehensive coverage will only cover for damages in your windshield that had been caused by storms, vandalism, fires and collisions caused by animals. Make sure that your car insurance company will include the windshield repair and replacement in the said comprehensive coverage.



You should always compare first the cost of the auto glass replacement or repair to the size of your comprehensive deductible before you decide to file a windshield repair claim. However, if you have noticed that your comprehensive deductible is so much greater than the cost of the repair, you might think twice because it won’t be worth your time and effort in filing the claim.


Consider possible impacts

There are some cases in which the claim for their windshield damage is not caused by collision and but it does not also increase the rates of their car insurance. It would all depend on your car company. Make sure that you analyse first because if the amount of your deductible is larger compared to the cost of your repair, better save it next time and utilize it as much as you can.

For instance, the cost for your windshield repair is about $280 because it got hit by a random rock on the street and your comprehensive deductible is $250 only, the car insurance company will only give you $30 dollars only.


Submit your repair claim

For instance, your deductible had been low enough then you can now submit the repair claim to your car insurance company. Make sure that you do it as soon as possible. You could go visit their office building or you can talk to them over the phone, chat with them online or look for their customer service section on their official website.

There is an agent or representative from the car insurance company that will verify whether or not you are covered for the windshield repair or replacement and they can also explain different options that you can choose from. Make sure that you visit the car insurance company so that they can inspect the damage.


Fix it

After they have inspected it, you now get your windshield repaired. It will depend on the company if they would recommend a car repair shop that they are bonded with or if you get to choose your own auto glass shop.

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