Factors That You Need To Consider In Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement can introduce new problem, especially if you’re on a tight budget right now and you notice a crack in your windshield. However, here are several factors that you need to consider first when it comes to auto glass replacement so that you can make a better decision.


When to replace and repair

There are instances when you really have to replace your windshield instead of just replacing it. These instances include when the chip in your auto glass is a bit larger compared to a quarter. Pull out a dollar bill and if the crack is greater than your bill, you may want to replace it. If it happens that the cracks and chips are hindering the sight of the driver, you should really consider replacing it already and if there are more than three chips and cracks.

However, for those who had chips in line of sight, there are several companies that will recommend repairing it first and if it doesn’t bother you anymore, you won’t be needing an auto glass replacement anymore.

Differentiate pit and chip

There are some drivers who couldn’t identify a chip from a pit. You can consider it a pit because it’s as if someone tried to scoop in your auto glass, but it does not pass through the layer of plastic located just between the pieces of auto glass intact together. Pit cannot be repaired anymore because you cannot adhere the auto glass while on the other hand, a chip can still be repaired because auto glass shops can still resin it to adhere.


Why should you repair or replace?

There are several reasons why you should really consider replacing your repairing your windshield. First is that you can still keep the OEM glass and you will not bother dealing with the insurance company all the while maintaining the integrity of your windshield. You can also assure that the insurance company will be the one who will be paying the bills for repair or replacement and it will only take your car for about 30 minutes and it’s done. If you’re going for a state vehicle inspection, you cannot pass it if there are several cracks, pits and chips in your windshield so it’s important to fix them all before you go on the test. It will also keep your safety while driving and you can assure that you will not bother for a windshield inspection anymore because your auto glass is perfectly fine.

If you will just neglect the cracks and chips in your auto glass, you will be surprised because the crack will unexpectedly expand if the temperature just quickly changes. You can also experience shrinkage and there are a lot of issues that you will be dealing with that is why it is highly advisable that you get your windshield repaired so that you can minimize your expenses as much as possible and avoid problems that might occur.

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