• Windshield Damage
  • How To Avoid Getting Damage On Your Windshield


    If you wanted to avoid auto glass replacement because it can be quite costly, you should take good care of your windshield. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind in order to avoid damage and cracks in your auto glass.


    Always keep distance

    As much as possible, always keep distance because one of the leading causes of windshield damages is flying rocks and other debris in the road. Make sure that you keep distance for at least three car’s length on the car just ahead of you, especially for those dump trucks that are carrying soil and stones. There are instances that the vibrations will cause the soil or stone to jump out and hit your windshield.


    windshield-repair-crack-tools1_200x200Mow slowly

    Make sure that you always mow carefully because the mower will spin thousands of revolutions that will make any object to hit your windshield in such power. If you tend to park your car, make sure that you check for sticks, stones and other objects before you mow in order to prevent them from becoming projectiles that could damage your windshield.


    Limit the use windshield scrapers for snow only

    Make sure that you only use the windshield scrapers in removing ice or snow only in scraping it off the glass. However, using your windshield too hard can cause the glass to break so make sure that you clean it carefully and slowly.


    In melting ice, do not use hot water

    Do not ever plan on using hot water in order to melt the ice because the quick changes of temperature will cause the glass to break and cause some cracks. It is highly advisable that you warm both the exterior and interior layers all the once in order to avoid your windshield from getting damaged.


    windshield-repair-kit2_200x200Repair minor damages as soon as possible

    You might want to limit the damage on the windshield as much as you can so it is highly advisable that you repair minor damages as soon as possible. Once a crack has been exposed to a very hot or very cold temperature, it can expand the damage; that is why it’s very important that as soon as you noticed a crack in your windshield, you should repair it immediately.


    Inspect your windshield daily

    It is also highly advisable that you inspect and examine your windshield on a regular basis because there are some tiny cracks unless you look and inspect closely into your windshield. Every time you tend to wash your windshield, make sure that you examine it carefully, look for pits, cracks and scratches in your windshield, especially on the edges of the windshield in order to repair it as soon as possible if you have spotted one.


    There you go! If you just follow these tips, you’ll be able to assure that your windshield will not get damaged and you no longer have to deal with an auto glass replacement because you’ll be able to handle it in your own just by taking care of it properly.

  • Auto Glass Replacement
  • How To Prevent Windshield Cracks & Stop Them From Getting Worse

    If the windshield of your car is cracked, there are two options you should think of considering i.e. looking for an expert to either repair the crack or replace the entire windshield. However, windshield cracks being repaired can prevent the spreading of the cracks and cut down the high cost you’d have incurred replacing your entire windshield.

    If you will prefer replacing the entire cracked windshield or repairing the cracked area, it is very important that you look for a windshield pro repairer who will not only fix the issue in a professional manner but also the one who will charge less cash amount for the services rendered. This write- up will give you tips that you should put into consideration in your attempt to stop windshield cracks.

    Tips on How to Stop Windshield Cracks: What you Need to Know

    Tip# 1: Knowing Whether the Windshield Require to be Repaired or Replaced:

    First and foremost, assess the crack of your windshield in order to determine if the entire windshield needs replacement or to be repaired. Basically, if the cracks are older than one month, longer than 10 inches or is wider than 1/10 of an inch, you’re advised that you consider replacing your windshield.

    Tip# 2: Visiting any Genuine Repair Shop in your Area:

    Drive the car that requires to be repaired to any nearby shop dealing with car glass repair. Generally, a good glass repair pro services his/ her customers’ cars with high quality glasses present as well as repair the crack and the chipped area professionally. Despite that the windshield crack will remain visible, a pro repairer will ensure that it is less noticeable and will not crack any further.

    If necessary, it is also ideal that you visit all the windshield repair shops in your area so that you can have an opportunity of comparing their goods and services before considering one.

    Tip# 3: Differentiating the Estimates:

    It is ideal that the different glass repair shops you visit in your area give you estimates of repairing your car’s windshield. Compare the estimates you’re given, take into consideration what you are given by the cheapest glass repair pro and then compare it with the cost of having your windshield replaced.

    Comparing them is very essential since in some scenarios windshield replacement can be cheap than repairing the cracked areas.

    Tip# 4: Calling the Insurance Company where Your Car is Insured In:

    Call the insurance firm to inquire whether the windshield’s repair is covered under the insurance cover you’ve got. There are some insurance polices which pay for the replacement or repair of the windshield but there are others which do not cover either. It is therefore recommended that you inquire about windshield cover before considering a particular insurance firm.

    Do- it- Yourself Tips you Should Put into Consideration if you’ll Choose to Fix the Repair by Yourself

    Things you will Need

    • Windshield repair kit
    • Rag
    • Nail Polish

    #1: Cleaning the Cracked Area:

    Clean the cracked area carefully and give it some time to dry in the sun. If you’re repairing the windshield crack on a day that isn’t sunny, use a hair dryer to dry it.

    #2: Applying Clear Nail Polish:

    The nail polish should be applied on small windshield crack. Once applied, use the brush which came with the nail polish to polish both on the inside as well as outside of the crack. You should then give the polish a few minutes for it to dry.

    However, despite the fact that this won’t give you a permanent solution, it will give you some time to raise money and consider hiring a pro to repair or replace the cracked windshield.

    #3: Making Use of the Facilities Present in a Windshield Repair Kit:

    Buy a windshield repair kit from any genuine nearby auto supply shop. This should have the same resin which is commonly used by most glass repair stores to fix cracks. You should mix the resin carefully with the applicator that also comes with the kit throughout the cracked area. Afterwards, clear the excess resin while following the instructions of the kit’s manufacturer.

    Last, but definitely not the least, avoid applying any rain-resistant product to the repaired windshield since they can assist water to flow freely and stop the resin used to repair your car from binding to your car’s windshield.

    If you are unable to successfully fix or stop the crack, click here to find a windshield repair company in your area for your make and model.